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Upgrade Contrail Service Orchestration from Release 6.0.0 to Release 6.1.0


Contrail Analytics Nodes (CAN) for CSO Release 6.1.0 run on CentOS version 7.7.1908.

Upgrade Contrail Service Orchestration for KVM and ESXi Hypervisors


  • You must have at least 40 GB in the / partition in the startupserver1 VM to run the upgrade script.

  • You must not delete previously installed CSO 6.0.0 folder from the startupserver VM.

Follow this procedure to upgrade from CSO Release 6.0.0 to CSO Release 6.1.0.

  1. Download the CSO Release 6.1.0 installer package from the CSO Downloads page to the startupserver1 VM.
  2. Log in to the startupserver1 VM as root.
  3. On the startupserver1 VM, extract the installer package.

    For example, if the name of the installer package is Contrail_Service_Orchestration_6.1.0.tar.gz,

    root@host:~/# tar –xvzf Contrail_Service_Orchestration_6.1.0.tar.gz

    The contents of the installer package are extracted in a directory with the same name as the installer package.

  4. Navigate to the CSO Release 6.1.0 directory in the startupserver1 VM.
    root@host:~/# cd Contrail_Service_Orchestration_6.1.0
  5. You can view the list of files in the Contrail_Service_Orchestration_6.1.0.
    root@host:~/Contrail_Service_Orchestration_6.1.0# ls

    The file includes the script.

  6. Run the script.Warning

    Before you upgrade ensure that all ongoing jobs in the Administration Portal and Customer Portal are stopped; otherwise, the upgrade process will fail.

    root@host:~/Contrail_Service_Orchestration_6.1.0# ./

    Depending on your deployment, it may take 60 minutes to 120 minutes to complete this task.

    You can view the upgrade.log file which is available at root/Contrail_Service_Orchestration_6.1.0/logs folder.

    If an error occurs, you must fix the error and re-run the script. When you re-run the script, the script continues to execute from the previously failed step.

    If it fails after 2 attempts, contact Juniper Networks support for further assistance.

    You can run ./ deploy_manager/utils/ command to decrypt the passwords for each infrastructure component.

After a successful upgrade, CSO is functional and you can log in to the Administrator Portal and the Customer Portal.