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Troubleshooting POPs, Tenants, and Devices Issues


Failure While Creating a Hub, Site, or Tenant


Description: A failure occurred when creating a hub, site, or tenant.


  • Check the job logs in the CSO Administration Portal for the task failure and the reason for the failure.
    1. Login to the Administration Portal and select Monitor > Jobs

      The Jobs page is displayed.

    2. Select the failed log and click the Detailed View icon that appears before the failed log name.

      The Detailed View page appears, showing the details of the job and the number of tasks associated with the job.

    3. Click View Logs.

      The Job status page is displayed.

  • If the failure cannot be determined from the job logs, log in to Kibana and check for the logs using the job ID.

    Use the Kibana dashboard http://<central- Infra-vm-IP-Address>:5601 to view the detailed logs of hub, site, and tenant failures.

  • Log in to the CSO central microservices virtual machine and execute kubectl get pods –n central to get the status of tssm and topology POD running on the central and regional microservices virtual machine.
    root@centralmsvm:~# kubectl get pods –n central | grep tssm
    root@centralmsvm:~# kubectl get pods –n central| grep topology

    Check the status of the POD.

    Execute kubectl logs -f pod-name –n central.. For example,

    root@centralmsvm:~# kubectl logs -f csp.csp-tssm-core-* –n central

  • For further troubleshooting, collect the logs and output results and contact Juniper Networks Technical Support team.

Base Configuration for CPE Activation


Description: User was unable to activate a CPE device. Specify the base configuration to activate a CPE device after loading a factory default configuration.


For Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) using the Juniper Networks redirect server and the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) on a WAN interface (ge-0/0/0), no configuration is required from the user. The CPE activation proceeds with the factory default configuration.

If the CPE device has to be pre-staged based on customer-specific requirements such as a static IP address on WAN interfaces, using the CSO activation server as a phone-home server instead of the Juniper Networks redirect server, then execute the following additional configurations on the CPE device after the factory default configuration.

CPE-SRX [Two WAN Links]

CPE-NFX (JDM Console)

You must copy the ssl_cert.crt certificate to NFX CPE device/JDM: /var/phone-home/phcd-ca.crt