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Use Site Templates to Add SD-WAN and NGFW Spoke Sites


If you need to add multiple branch sites that share some common attributes and some site-specific attributes, then you can use a site template to add the sites. When you add a site template, you can specify the common attributes for the site only once, which means that you only need to specify the site-specific attributes for each site that you add by using site template. In CSO, you can add site templates for branch sites with SD-WAN capability or NGFW capability.

The high-level workflow to add one or more branch sites using a site template is as follows:

  1. Add a site template for an SD-WAN branch site (WAN capability SD-WAN) or a NGFW branch site (WAN capability NGFW) using the Add Site Template page (Resources > Templates > Site Templates > + or Resources > Templates > Site Templates > Add Site Template). For more information, see Adding a Site Template in the CSO Customer Portal User Guide (available on the CSO Documentation page).
  2. Add the sites using the site template from the Add Branch Site page (Resources > Site Management > Add > Branch Site (Use Site Template)). For more information, see Add Branch Sites by Using a Site Template in the CSO Customer Portal User Guide.Tip

    You can enter site-specific attributes manually or use a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) file to add the site-specific attributes for multiple sites in one go.