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Remove a Previous CSO Deployment


You can remove a previous deployment and install a new version of CSO.

If you do not have previous deployment, proceed with Provision VMs on Contrail Service Orchestration Servers.

To remove a previous CSO deployment:

  1. Remove the VMs on the physical server.
    1. Log in to the CSO server as a root user.
    2. View the list of VMs.
      root@host:~/# virsh list --all


    3. Remove each VM and its contents.
      root@host:~/# virsh destroy <vm-name>
      root@host:~/# virsh undefine <vm-name>
    4. Delete the Ubuntu source directories and the Ubuntu VM.
      root@host:~/# rm -rf /root/disks
      root@host:~/# rm -rf /root/disks_can
      root@host:~/# cd /root/ubuntu_vm
      root@host:~/# rm -rf <vm-name>
  2. Delete the old Salt minion keys.
    root@host:~/# salt-key -D
  3. Clear the Ubuntu cache.
    root@host:~/# clear ubuntu cache $ sync && echo 1 | sudo tee /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches