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Juniper Networks offers Contrail Service Orchestration (CSO) Release 6.0.0 as a cloud-based service. You can also deploy CSO Release 6.0.0 on-premises for customers that demand full control over their deployments.

CSO Release 6.0.0 supports the following types of accounts:

  • OpCo accounts (for multitenant, managed service providers)—OpCo (operating company) administrators can add tenants to and enable services such as SD-WAN, and next-generation firewall for the OpCo network. They can also manage profiles and policies for traffic, SLA policies, breakout policies, and firewall management.

  • Tenant accounts (for enterprise customers that want to use CSO for managing their sites)—Tenant administrators can add sites to and enable services such as SD-WAN, LAN, and next-generation firewall for their networks. They can also configure SLA policies, firewall policies, and breakout policies, and also apply the policies to the sites.

The following are the highlights of the features available in CSO Release 6.0.0:

  • Zero Touch Provisioning

    • Simplified Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) process

  • SD-WAN

    • Support for SD-WAN Essentials service

    • PPPoE or PPP support per WAN link

    • Create static tunnels between branch site and enterprise hubs

    • Support to configure aggregated Ethernet on enterprise hub WAN links

    • Support for automatic cluster formation for SRX Series dual CPE devices

    • Support for IPv6 connectivity on WAN links

    • Support for MAP-E functionality on NFX150 devices

    • Support for editing hub configuration of a WAN link

    • Support for editing LAN segments

    • Support to view throughput for WAN links

    • Support to automatically revert AppQoE traffic to the preferred link

  • Miscellaneous

    • Discover an EX Series switch or an AP configured behind an SRX Series CPE

    • View information about SRX Series CPE, EX Series switch, or AP on Juniper Mist

    • Change related to site type

    • Enhancements to the Device Details page

    • Support for editing site name

    • Support for NAT Configuration Template for Provider Hub Breakout

    • Support for configuring two WAN links on a physical port

    • Support to generate device RSI

    • Remote CLI access using Junos login credentials