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SD-WAN Configuration Workflow


The following is the workflow for configuring SD-WAN in the enterprise topology (shown in Figure 1) by using CSO:


The first two steps must be performed by an operating company (OpCo) Administrator user; an OpCo is like a managed services provider.

  1. Log in to the CSO Administration Portal. See Log in to the CSO Administration Portal.
  2. Add a tenant. See Add a Tenant.
  3. Switch to tenant scope, or log in as tenant administrator. See Switch Scope or Log in as Tenant Administrator.
  4. Configure an enterprise hub site. See Configure Enterprise Hub Site.
  5. Configure the SD-WAN branch sites. See Configure SD-WAN Branch Sites.
  6. Monitor sites and devices. See Monitor Sites and Devices.


Before you begin configuring SD-WAN, see the Before You Begin topic.