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Add a Tenant


To add a tenant to the OpCo portal, follow these steps:

  1. From the CSO portal, go to the Tenants page and click +.

    The Add Tenant wizard appears.

  2. Configure the settings as explained in Table 1.

    After you complete the configuration in each of the sections, click Next.

  3. Click Submit to add the tenant.

    An Add Tenant job is created, and when the job is successfully completed, the tenant is listed in the Tenants page. When a new tenant is added, an account activation e-mail is sent to the tenant.

    Table 1: Add Tenant Settings

    Field Name



    Enter a unique name for the tenant. The name can contain alphanumeric characters and underscore and should not exceed 32 characters.

    First Name

    Enter the first name of the tenant administrator user.

    Last Name

    Enter the last name of the tenant administrator user.

    Username (Email)

    Enter the e-mail address of the tenant administrator user to set as the user name for the tenant administrator.


    Select one or more of the available roles to assign that to the tenant administrator user.

    Service for Tenant

    Select one or more of the following services that the tenants can manage by using CSO:

    • SD-WAN—Enables tenants to manage sites that have up to four WAN links with intelligent, SLA-based traffic routing among the WAN links.

    • Next-Generation Firewall—Enables the tenants to manage next generation firewall devices and firewall policies.

    When tenants add sites, they can implement any of the services that you selected.