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Unable to Monitor Ports



Description: Statistics are not displayed for a port.


To rectify this issue:

  • Ensure that the port is assigned to a VLAN.

    To check whether the port is assigned to a VLAN:

    1. Select the port in the Ports tab.
    2. Click More > Edit Configuration.

      The Edit Configuration page appears.

    You can view the VLANs assigned to the port in the VLANs field.

  • Ensure that the port is configured on CSO. CSO monitors only those ports that are configured through CSO and is part of a VLAN.

    You can verify whether a port is configured through CSO or not on the Ports tab of the Devices page. The Admin Status of a port that is not configured through CSO is set to Unconfigured.

  • The CSO GUI fetches data from the CSO database once every 30 seconds The CSO database polls the switch once every five minutes. So, it might take upto five minutes for changes in the device statistics to be reflected.

    If the statistics is not populating even after 10 minutes, contact Juniper support.