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Creating a LAN Segment for Discovering Mist Access Points


Figure 1 depicts the LAN segment connecting the SD-WAN CPE or firewall and the EX port connecting the Mist access points.

Figure 1: LAG Segment for Discovering Access Points
LAG Segment for Discovering Access

To create a LAN segment for discovering Mist access points:

  1. On the Sites page (Resources > Site Management), click the CPE or next-generation firewall site.

    The Site-Name page appears.

  2. Click the LAN tab and configure the following parameters for the LAN segment:
    • Name

    • VAN ID

    • Gateway/Address Mask

    • Enable the DHCP server

  3. Click Save.

    The LAN segment is created on the CPE or next-generation firewall.

  4. Click the Devices tab on the Site management page.

    The devices present in the site are listed.

  5. Click on the switch for which you want to discover the connected access points.

    The device-name page appears.

  6. Click the Ports tab.

    The ports on the switch are displayed.

  7. Click the port that is connected to the access point and select More > Edit Configuration.

    The Edit port Configuration page appears.

  8. Do the following:
    • For Configuration options, select Manual.

    • For Port type, select Access.

    • For VLAN, Select the LAN segment created in step 3 and move it to the Selected column.

  9. Click Next and click Deploy Now.

    A job is created to deploy the configuration.

After the configuration is deployed, you can enable the option to integrate CSO with Mist Portal; see Integrate CSO with Mist Portal .