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Edit Provider Hub Site Parameters


The Edit Provider Hub page enables the Service Provider (SP) or Operating Company (OpCo) Administrator users to modify the parameters of a provider hub site with DATA_ONLY capability and the following management status:

  • Configuration-Failed

  • Partially-Provisioned

  • Provisioned

  • You cannot edit provider hub sites with OAM_ONLY or OAM_AND_DATA capability because such modifications can impact the connectivity of the entire network.

  • To edit a provisioned or a partially-provisioned provider hub site, the Operational Status must be UP.

  • SP and OpCo Administrator users can only edit the parameters of provider hub sites that they added.

You can add or delete WAN links, or modify the site parameters without affecting the connectivity between the provider hub site and Contrail Service Orchestration (CSO).

When a WAN link is added to a provider hub site, CSO creates secure OAM tunnels and enables the monitoring of the new WAN link.


Before you delete a WAN link on a provider hub site, ensure that:

  • At least one Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) WAN link is enabled for the site.

  • There are no spoke or enterprise hub sites connected to the WAN link.

When you delete a WAN link from the provider hub site, the associated secure OAM tunnels are also deleted.

What should you do if adding or deleting a WAN link fails?

When the addition or deletion of a WAN link fails, PARTIALLY DEPLOYED is displayed next to the WAN link name.

You can do one of the following:

  • Retry the specific edit site job to execute the failed tasks from the Jobs page (Monitor > Jobs). For more information, see Retrying a Failed Job on Devices.

  • Redeploy the WAN link by clicking the Re-Deploy WAN Link toggle button and updating the WAN link parameters, which first deletes the WAN link and then adds it again.

  • Leave the WAN link as is and redeploy the WAN link later.

To edit the parameters configured for a provider hub site:

  1. Select Resources > Provider Hub Devices.

    The Provider Hub Devices page appears.

  2. Select the provider hub site whose parameters you want to modify and click the Edit icon (pencil).

    The Edit Provider Hub page appears.

  3. Modify the provider hub site parameters as described in Table 1.
  4. (Optional) Review the configuration in the Summary tab and modify the settings, if required.
  5. Do one of the following:
    • Click Finish to save the changes that you made to the provider hub site.

    • Click Previous to make changes in the previous page.

    • Click Cancel to discard the changes. A dialog box appears asking for your confirmation. Click Yes. The changes you made are lost and you are returned to the Provider Hub Devices page.

    If you click Finish, an Edit Site job is triggered and a job link appears on the Provider Hub Devices page.

    You can click the job link to view details of the job (including job status, start date and time, and end date and time). Alternatively, you can view the status of the job on the Jobs page.

    After the job completes successfully, a confirmation message appears on top of the Provider Hub Devices page.


    The following operations take several minutes (greater than 15 minutes) based on the number of sites connected to the provider hub:

    • Deleting a WAN link.

    • Editing the Link Type, Address Assignment, or VLAN ID of a WAN link.

    • Re-deploying a partially deployed WAN link.

Table 1: Editable Fields for a Provider Hub Site

Editable Parameters




  • To edit the WAN parameters of a provider hub site, ensure that the site version is 5.3.0 or higher. If the site version is of an earlier release, you must upgrade the site. For more information, see Upgrading a Provider Hub Device.

  • For provider hub sites with 5.2.0 or earlier site versions, only advanced configuration fields are editable. You can find the version of a provider hub site in the Version column on the Provider Hub Devices page.

Advanced Configuration

Edit the Domain Name Server (DNS) IP address, NTP Server IP address, and the selected Timezone.


You can do one of the following:

  • Edit the WAN parameters (specified below) of an existing WAN link.

  • Add a new WAN link by clicking the toggle button next to the WAN link name and specifying the WAN parameters. For more information on WAN link parameters, see Add a Provider Hub Device.

  • Delete an existing WAN link by clicking the enabled toggle button next to the WAN link name.

Re-Deploy WAN Link

For partially deployed WAN links, click the toggle button to enable editing the WAN parameters.

Link Type

Edit the link type by selecting MPLS or Internet.

Address Assignment

STATIC is the only option for assigning an IP address to the WAN link. You can edit the Static IP Prefix and Gateway IP address of the site.


Edit the VLAN ID.

Range: 0 through 4049 (4050 to 4094 is reserved by CSO).