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Mesh Tags Overview


A mesh tag is a label that you associate with a WAN link of a spoke site. Mesh tags provide you the flexibility to establish overlay tunnels between WAN links of two different spoke sites. If WAN links are associated with same mesh tags, CSO creates a VPN tunnel between WAN links of spoke sites (enterprise hub to enterprise hub, on-premise spoke site to enterprise hub, on-premise spoke site to on-premise spoke site).


Mesh tags are applicable only for SD-WAN sites in the Real-time optimized mode (Full mesh).

Mesh tags can be predefined (MPLS and Internet) or user-defined. You can create user-defined mesh tags on the Administration > Mesh Tags page.


With mesh tags, you can connect two WAN links even if the link types (MPLS and Internet) are different.

For example, consider that a tenant has two sites—Site A and Site B. Site A has four WAN links (WAN_A0 through WAN_A3) and Site B has three WAN links (WAN_B0 through WAN_B2). WAN_A0 and WAN_B0 are associated with MPLS (predefined mesh tag), and WAN_A1 and WAN_B1 are associated with Internet (predefined mesh tag).

A tunnel is established between WAN-A0 and WAN-B0 because they are associated with the same predefined mesh tags.


You can associate mesh tags for up to three WAN links.