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Setting Up Your Network with Customer Portal


Your service provider specifies which sites appear in your network and the network services that you can use. When you start working in Customer Portal, you must set up your network using the available sites and network services.

To set up your network with Customer Portal:

  1. You can add the following types of sites from the Sites page:

    • Provider hub site: A provider hub site connects to multiple spoke sites using overlay connections. To add a provider hub site, see Adding Provider Hub Sites for SD-WAN Deployment.

    • On-premise spoke sites: An on-premise spoke represents an endpoint that is part of customer premise equipment (CPE) at some physical location such as branch office or point of sale location. Typically, these points are connected using overlay connections to hub sites. You can add on-premise spoke sites manually or by using site templates:

    • Cloud spoke site: A cloud spoke site connects to a hub site using overlay connections. To add a cloud spoke site, see Adding Cloud Spoke Sites for SD-WAN Deployment.

    • Enterprise hub site: An enterprise hub site carries site-to-site traffic between on-premise spoke sites and to break out backhaul (central breakout) traffic from on-premise spoke sites. To add an enterprise hub site, see Add Enterprise Hubs with SD-WAN Capability or SD-WAN and LAN Capabilities.

  2. Activate the site.

  3. Deploy network services. See Managing a Single Site.

  4. View and manage policies.

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