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Resolved Issues


The following issues are resolved in Juniper Networks CSO Release 5.3.0:

  • You cannot filter the ports for SRX Series devices while adding an on-premises spoke site or while adding a switch.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-32826

  • The Install Signature page does not reflect the correct OS version for a spoke site after the image on the device is upgraded.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-36373

  • The deployment of a port profile fails if the values you have configured for the firewall filter are not supported on the device running Junos OS.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-39629

  • When DVPN tunnels (GRE_IPSEC tunnels) are established between a pair of SRX300 Line devices that have Internet WAN links behind NAT, the GRE OAM status of the tunnels is displayed as DOWN and hence the tunnels are marked as DOWN and not usable for traffic.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-41281

  • While you are using a remote console for a tenant device, if you press the Up arrow or the Down arrow on the keyboard, then instead of the command history, irrelevant text (that includes the device name and the tenant name) appears on the console.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-41666

  • The chassis view for an EX2300 Virtual Chassis appears blank when the device resources are used up and the request for getting a response from the device times out.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-42866

  • Provisioning an SRX340 device as a next-generation firewall by using CSO is failing when Junos OS Release 19.3R2 is installed on the device.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-43362

  • On devices running Junos Release OS 19.3R2-S2, the SLA reason field (Actual Delay, Expected Delay, Jitter, Loss) for a Link Switch event is missing in the WAN tab of the Site Management page.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-43653

  • RFC-1918 subnets cannot be used in LAN subnets and LAN segments.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-44158

  • The chassis view of an EX Series Virtual Chassis may not reflect the correct status of the Virtual Chassis ports (VCPs).

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-44880

  • When you select all VLANs for deletion and if one or more of the selected VLANs is connected to a CPE port, the VLANs are not deleted. An error message appears and a job to delete the VLANs is created in CSO. The jobs appear to be successful and the status of the VLANs appear as Delete Pending.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-44966

  • When CSO is upgraded to Release 5.2.0, there are 15 LAN ports in the SRX1500 dual CPE device template, when the actual number of LAN ports should be four.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-45889

  • ZTP fails on SRX345 and vSRX due to issues with loading default certificates.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-45904

  • You cannot edit a standalone SD-LAN site although the Edit Site button is enabled.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-45918

  • When you clone a site template containing a next-generation firewall and a switch, you may not be able to edit some of the fields in the cloned template.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-45919

  • On the Site Management page for an OpCo, the operational status of a provider hub is displayed as N/A when the status is actually up.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-45924

  • While you deploy the VRRP configuration template on an SRX Series or EX Series device, the template does not render as expected on the Devices page of the CSO GUI.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-46049

  • The infotip for the ADSL_ENCAP parameter in the SRX as SDWAN CPE device profile incorrectly indicates the encapsulation used to connect to the ADSL service provider through PPPoE. The ADSL_ENCAP parameter does not apply to PPPoE, but to PPPoA.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-46189

  • CSO may not detect an EX Series switch connected behind an SRX Series device running Junos OS Release 19.3R2-S1 or Release 19.3R2-S2. This is because the port connecting the EX Series switch and the CPE is blocked by RSTP running on the SRX Series device and hence no IP address is assigned by DHCP to the port.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-46760