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About the Network Services Page

To access this page, click Configuration > Network Services.

You can use the Services page to view the complete list of network services that service designers have published to the network service catalog from Network Service Designer and to view information about the services. For an introduction to network services, see Network Services Overview.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

Field Descriptions

Table 100 shows the descriptions of the widgets that appear at the top of the Services page.

Table 100: Widgets on the Services Page



Top Network Services Used

View the numbers of instances of the three services that are most used by tenants in the network.

This view might help you to identify trends for network services, especially when you introduce a new service.

Services with Critical Alerts

View the top three network services that are receiving maximum number of critical alerts in the network.

Top Services by POP CPU Usage

View the top three network services that are using the largest percentage of CPU from the assigned cores in the network.

Table 101 shows the descriptions of the fields on the Network Services page.

Table 101: Fields on the Network Services Page




View the name of the network service.

Click the name to view full information about a service.


View the number of tenants and the names of the tenants that have access to this nnetwork service.

  • View the name of the first tenant that used the network service (left of the table cell).

  • View the additional number of tenants using this network service (right of the table cell).

  • Hover over the additional number of tenants to view a complete list of all the tenants using this network service.


View the total number of sites at which the network service is deployed for the tenant.


View the total number of occurrences of the network service that administrative users have activated for the tenant.

Last Update

View the date on which the network service designer last modified the service.

Table 102 shows the descriptions of the fields on the Detail for Service-Name page.

Table 102: Fields on the Service Detail Page



General Information


View the category of service.


View the settings that the network service designer or you have configured for this service.


View the version number of the network service.


View the status of the network service.

Example: Published

Performance Goals

View performance of the network service which include bandwidth, number of sessions, and latency.

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