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Add a Port Endpoint

Before You Begin

Use the Ports page to add a port, which you can specify as a source endpoint or destination endpoint in firewall filter terms.


To add a port:

  1. Select Configuration > Shared Objects > Ports.

    The Ports page appears.

  2. Click the add icon (+) to add a new port.

    The Add Port Endpoint page appears.

  3. Complete the configuration according to the guidelines provided in Table 306.

    Note Fields marked with * are mandatory.

  4. Click OK to save the changes. If you want to discard your changes, click Cancel instead.

    The Port is created. You are returned to the Ports page where a confirmation message is displayed.

Table 306 provides guidelines on using the fields on the Add Port Endpoint page.

Table 306: Fields on the Add Port Endpoint Page




Enter a TCP or UDP port field.

Range is 0-65535.

Typically, you specify the port match condition in conjunction with the protocol match condition to determine which protocol is used on the port. For number, you can specify one of the following text synonyms (the port numbers are also listed):

Example: afs (1483), bgp (179), biff (512), bootpc (68), bootps (67), cmd (514), cvspserver (2401), dhcp (67), domain (53), eklogin (2105), ekshell (2106), exec (512), finger (79), ftp (21), ftp-data (20), http (80), https (443), ident (113), imap (143), kerberos-sec (88), klogin (543), kpasswd (761), krb-prop (754), krbupdate (760), kshell (544), ldap (389), login (513), mobileip-agent (434), mobilip-mn (435), msdp (639), netbios-dgm (138), netbios-ns (137), netbios-ssn (139), nfsd (2049), nntp (119), ntalk (518), ntp (123), pop3 (110), pptp (1723), printer (515), radacct (1813),radius (1812), rip (520), rkinit (2108), smtp (25), snmp (161), snmptrap (162), snpp (444), socks (1080), ssh (22), sunrpc (111), syslog (514), tacacs-ds (65), talk (517), telnet (23), tftp (69), timed (525), who (513), xdmcp (177), zephyr-clt (2103), zephyr-hm (2104)


Enter a description for the port.


After adding port, you can specify the port as source endpoint or destination endpoint in firewall filter terms, see Add Terms to Firewall Filters.

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