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Enabling Integration with Mist Access Points

You can enable integration with the Mist access points to easily access and view Mist access points connected to the branch network. When integration with Mist access point is enabled, the connected access points are listed in the Devices tab of the Resources > Site Management > Site Name page. You can click the access point name to view the Mist access point details from the Mist portal that is integrated with CSO.


To enable integration with the Mist access point:

  1. Select Administration > WiFi Settings.

    The WiFi Settings page appears.

  2. Click the Enable toggle button to enable integration with Mist access points.

    The Login E-mail and Login Password fields appear.

  3. In the Login E-mail page, enter the e-mail address that is the username for your Mist account.
  4. In the Login Password page, enter the password for your Mist account.
  5. Click Save.

After you enable integration and enter the login credentials, CSO adds the access point to the list of devices associated with a site. To view details about the access point, Devices tab of the Resources > Site Management > Site Name page and click the access point name. The Mist portal page for the selected device appears.

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