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About the Documentation
Documentation and Release Notes
Documentation Conventions
Documentation Feedback
Requesting Technical Support
About the Customer Portal User Guide
Customer Portal Overview
Switching the Tenant Scope
Accessing Customer Portal
Setting Up Your Network with Customer Portal
Changing the Password on First Login
Changing the Customer Portal Password
Resetting the Password
Extending the User Login Session
Using the Dashboard
About the Customer Portal Dashboard
Monitoring the Customer Portal
Monitoring Security Alerts and Alarms
About the Monitor Overview Page
Alerts Overview
About the Generated Alerts Page
About the Alert Definitions/Notifications Page
Managing Security Alerts Definitions
Creating Security Alert Definitions
Editing, Cloning, and Deleting Security Alert Definitions
About the Alarms Page
Enable E-mail Notifications for SD-LAN and SD-WAN Alarms
Monitoring Security and Device Events
About the All Security Events Page
About the Firewall Events Page
About the Web Filtering Events Page
About the IPsec VPNs Events Page
About the Content Filtering Events Page
About the Antispam Events Page
About the Antivirus Events Page
About the IPS Events Page
About the Device Events Page
About the Screen Events Page
About the Traffic Logs Page
Monitoring SD-WAN Events
SD-WAN Events Overview
About the SD-WAN Events Page
Monitoring Applications
About the SLA Performance of a Single Tenant Page
Viewing the SLA Performance of a Site
Viewing the SLA Performance of an Application or Application Group
Application Visibility Overview
About the Application Visibility Page
Viewing Application or User Visibility Data for Specific Sites
About the User Visibility Page
Monitoring Threats
About the Threats Map (Live) Page
Monitoring Jobs
About the Jobs Page
Editing and Deleting Scheduled Jobs
Viewing Job Details
Retrying a Failed Job on Devices
Managing Resources
Managing Sites
About the Sites Page
Multihoming Overview
Device Redundancy Support Overview
Upgrading Sites Overview
Enterprise Hubs Overview
Adding and Provisioning Switches to Provide LAN Capability to a Site Overview
Manually Adding On-Premise Spoke Sites
Add On-Premise Spoke Sites by Using a Site Template
Adding an On-Premise Spoke Site with Hybrid WAN Capability
Add an On-Premise Spoke Site with SD-WAN Capability
Add an On-Premise Spoke Site with SD-WAN and LAN Capabilities
Add an On-Premise Spoke Site with LAN Capability
Add Enterprise Hubs with SD-WAN Capability or SD-WAN and LAN Capabilities
Adding Provider Hub Sites for SD-WAN Deployment
Adding Cloud Spoke Sites for SD-WAN Deployment
Provisioning a Cloud Spoke Site in AWS VPC
Adding and Configuring Sites by Importing a JSON File
Managing a Single Site
Enabling Integration with Mist Access Points
Add a Switch to an Existing SD-WAN Site Or Next-Generation Firewall Site
Add Switches to an Existing SD-LAN Site
Managing LAN Segments on a Tenant Site
Activating a CPE Device
Manually Activating a Switch
Activating Dual CPE Devices (Device Redundancy)
Viewing the History of Tenant Device Activation Logs
Adding a Standalone Next Generation Firewall Site
Add an On-Premise Spoke Site with Next Generation Firewall and LAN Capabilities
Adding and Provisioning a Next Generation Firewall Overview
Viewing the Sites History
Edit Site Overview
Edit On-Premise Spoke and Enterprise Hub Site Parameters
Edit Site Examples
Reconfigure Static Tunnels
Deleting a Site
Site Templates
About the Site Templates Page
Cloning, Editing, and Deleting Site Templates
Adding a Site Template
Managing Devices
Multidepartment CPE Device Support
About the Devices Page
Perform Return Material Authorization (RMA) for a Device
Grant Return Material Authorization (RMA) for a Device
Manage a Single CPE Device
Manage an EX Series Switch
Managing Ports on an EX Series Switch
Rebooting a CPE Device
Configuring APN Settings on CPE Devices
Identifying Connectivity Issues by Using Ping
Identifying Connectivity Issues by Using Traceroute
Remotely Accessing a Device CLI
Configuring the Firewall Device
About the Physical Interfaces Page
About the Logical Interfaces Page
Adding a Logical Interface
Editing, Deleting, and Deploying Logical Interfaces
Adding a Security Zone
Adding a Routing Instance
About the Static Routes Page
Adding a Static Route
Editing, Deleting, and Deploying Static Routes
Managing Device Images
Device Images Overview
About the Device Images Page
Deleting Device Images
Managing Site Groups
About the Site Groups Page
Creating Site Groups
Managing Mesh Tags
Mesh Tags Overview
About the Mesh Tags Page
Creating User-defined Mesh Tags
Managing DeviceTemplates
Device Template Overview
About the Device Template Page
Cloning a Device Template
Importing a Device Template
Updating Stage-2 Configuration Template in a Device Template
Configuring Stage-2 Initial Configuration in a Device Template
Managing Configuration Templates
About the Configuration Templates Page
Edit, Clone, and Delete Configuration Templates
Deploy Configuration Templates to Devices
Undeploy a Configuration Template from a Device
Dissociate a Configuration Template from a Device
Preview and Render Configuration Templates
Import Configuration Templates
Export a Configuration Template
Assign Configuration Templates to Device Templates
Add Configuration Templates
View the Configuration Deployed on Devices
Managing Configuration
Configuring Network Services in a Distributed Deployment
Network Service Overview
About the Network Services Page
Managing Firewall Policies
Firewall Policy Overview
About the Firewall Policy List Page
About the Firewall Policy Name Page
Adding a Firewall Policy
Editing and Deleting Firewall Policies
Adding Firewall Policy Intents
Editing, Cloning, and Deleting Firewall Policy Intents
Selecting Firewall Source
Selecting Firewall Destination
Firewall Policy Examples
Firewall Policy Schedules Overview
About the Firewall Policy Schedules Page
Creating Schedules
Editing, Cloning, and Deleting Schedules
Deploying Firewall Policies
About the Default Profiles for Unified Firewall Policy Page
Editing Default Settings for the Unified Firewall Policy
Importing Policies Overview
Importing Firewall Policies
Unified Threat Management
UTM Overview
Configuring UTM Settings
About the UTM Profiles Page
Creating UTM Profiles
Editing, Cloning, and Deleting UTM Profiles
About the Web Filtering Profiles Page
Creating Web Filtering Profiles
Editing, Cloning, and Deleting Web Filtering Profiles
About the Antivirus Profiles Page
Creating Antivirus Profiles
Editing, Cloning, and Deleting Antivirus Profiles
About the Antispam Profiles Page
Creating Antispam Profiles
Editing, Cloning, and Deleting Antispam Profiles
About the Content Filtering Profiles Page
Creating Content Filtering Profiles
Editing, Cloning, and Deleting Content Filtering Profiles
About the URL Patterns Page
Creating URL Patterns
Editing, Cloning, and Deleting URL Patterns
About the URL Categories Page
Creating URL Categories
Editing, Cloning, and Deleting URL Categories
Managing SD-WAN
SLA Profiles and SD-WAN Policies Overview
About the SD-WAN Policy Page
Creating SD-WAN Policy Intents
Editing and Deleting SD-WAN Policy Intents
About the SLA-Based Steering Profiles Page
Adding SLA-Based Steering Profiles
Editing and Deleting SLA-Based Steering Profiles
About the Path-Based Steering Profiles Page
Adding Path-Based Steering Profiles
Editing and Deleting Path-Based Steering Profiles
Breakout and Breakout Profiles Overview
About the Breakout Profiles Page
Adding Breakout Profiles
Adding Cloud Breakout Settings
Assigning Cloud Breakout Settings to Sites
Detaching Cloud Breakout Settings from Sites
Editing Breakout Profiles and Cloud Breakout Settings
Deleting Breakout Profiles and Cloud Breakout Settings
Configuring Breakout on SD-WAN Sites
Managing SD-LAN
NAC Overview
About the Port Profiles Page
Add Port Profiles
Edit, Clone, and Delete Port Profiles
About the Authentication Profiles Page
Add Authentication Profiles
Edit, Clone, and Delete an Authentication Profile
About the Access Profiles Page
Add Access Profiles
Edit, Clone, and Delete Access Profiles
About the RADIUS Server Profiles Page
Add RADIUS Server Profiles
Edit, Clone, and Delete RADIUS Server Profiles
Firewall Filters Overview
Configure a Firewall Filter for an EX Series Switch
About the EX Firewall Filters Page
Add Firewall Filters
Delete Firewall Filters
About the < Firewall-Filters-Name> / Terms Page
Add Terms to Firewall Filters
Edit, Clone, and Delete Terms
Deploy or Redeploy a Port Profile
Enable Ports
Disable Ports
Edit Configuration of Ports
Managing NAT Policies
NAT Policies Overview
About the NAT Policies Page
Creating NAT Policies
Editing and Deleting NAT Policies
About the Single NAT Policy Page
Creating NAT Policy Rules
Editing, Cloning, and Deleting NAT Policy Rules
Deploying NAT Policy Rules
Selecting NAT Source
Selecting NAT Destination
NAT Pools Overview
About the NAT Pools Page
Creating NAT Pools
Editing, Cloning, and Deleting NAT Pools
Deploying NAT Policies
Importing NAT Policies
Managing IPS Signatures and Profiles
About the IPS Signatures Page
Create IPS Signatures
Create IPS Signature Static Groups
Create IPS Signature Dynamic Groups
Edit, Clone, and Delete IPS Signatures
Edit, Clone, and Delete IPS Signature Static Groups
Edit, Clone, and Delete IPS Signature Dynamic Groups
About the IPS Profiles Page
Create IPS Profiles
Edit, Clone, and Delete IPS Profiles
About the <IPS-Profile-Name> / Rules Page
Create IPS or Exempt Rules
Edit, Clone, and Delete IPS or Exempt Rules
Managing SSL Proxies
SSL Forward Proxy Overview
About the SSL Proxy Policy Page
Creating SSL Proxy Policy Intents
Editing, Cloning, and Deleting SSL Proxy Policy Intents
Understanding How SSL Proxy Policy Intents Are Applied
About the SSL Proxy Profiles Page
Creating SSL Forward Proxy Profiles
Editing, Cloning, and Deleting SSL Forward Proxy Profiles
Configuring and Deploying an SSL Forward Proxy Policy
Managing Shared Objects
Addresses and Address Groups Overview
About the Addresses Page
Creating Addresses or Address Groups
Editing, Cloning, and Deleting Addresses and Address Groups
Services and Service Groups Overview
About the Services Page
Creating Services and Service Groups
Creating Protocols
Editing and Deleting Protocols
Editing, Cloning, and Deleting Services and Service Groups
Application Signatures Overview
About the Application Signatures Page
Understanding Custom Application Signatures
Adding Application Signatures
Editing, Cloning, and Deleting Application Signatures
Adding Application Signature Groups
Editing, Cloning, and Deleting Application Signature Groups
About the Departments Page
Adding a Department
Deleting a Department
About the MAC Addresses Page
Add a MAC Address Endpoint
Edit or Delete MAC Address Endpoint
About the Protocols Page
Add a Protocol Endpoint
Edit or Delete Protocol Endpoint
About the Ports Page
Add a Port Endpoint
Edit or Delete Port Endpoint
Managing Deployments
Deploying Policies Overview
About the Deployments Page
Using the Deployment Icon to Deploy Policies
Deploying Policies
Zero Touch Provisioning
Zero Touch Provisioning Overview
Workflow for Onboarding a Device Using ZTP
Viewing Reports
Security Reports
Reports Overview
About the Security Report Definitions Page
Scheduling, Generating, Previewing, and Sharing Security Reports
About the Security Generated Reports Page
Creating Log Report Definition
Creating Bandwidth Report Definition
Creating ANR Report Definition
Editing, Deleting, and Cloning Log Report Definitions
Editing, Deleting, and Cloning Bandwidth Report Definitions
Editing, Deleting, and Cloning ANR Report Definitions
SD-WAN Reports
About the SD-WAN Report Definitions Page
Editing, Deleting, and Cloning SD-WAN Report Definitions
Creating SD-WAN Tenant Performance Report Definitions
Creating SD-WAN Site Performance Report Definitions
About the SD-WAN Generated Reports Page
Managing Tenant Users
Role-Based Access Control Overview
About the Users Page in Customer Portal
Adding Tenant and OpCo Tenant Users
Editing and Deleting Tenant and OpCo Tenant Users
Resetting the Password for Tenant Users
Managing Audit Logs
Audit Logs Overview
About the Audit Logs Page
Viewing the Details of an Audit Log
Exporting Audit Logs
Purging Audit Logs (After Archiving or Without Archiving)
Managing Tenant User Roles
Roles Overview
About the Tenant Roles Page
Adding User-Defined Roles for Tenant Users
Editing, Cloning, and Deleting User-Defined Roles for Tenant Users
Access Privileges for Role Scopes (Tenant and Operating Company)
Managing Dynamic Mesh Tunnels
Dynamic Mesh Tunnels Overview
Adding On-Demand Mesh Tunnels
Deleting On-Demand Mesh Tunnels
About the Device Licenses Page
About the CSO Licenses Page
View and Edit Tenant Settings
Signature Database
Signature Database Overview
About the Signature Database Page
Installing Signatures
Managing Certificates
Certificates Overview
About the Certificates Page
Importing a Certificate
Installing and Uninstalling Certificates
About the VPN Authentication Page
Managing Juniper Identity Management Service
Juniper Identity Management Service Overview
About the Identity Management Page
Configuring CSO and JIMS Connection
Configuring JIMS for an SRX Device
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