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Ports are not Reflecting the Configured Behavior



Description: Ports are not reflecting the configured behavior.


Ports may not reflect the configured behavior for one of the following reasons:

  • A wrong port profile is deployed on the port.

    To rectify this issue:

    1. Check the port profile assigned to the port on the Ports tab of the Devices page (Resources > Devices).

      The Port Profile column displays the port profile assigned to the port. If the port is configured manually, Manually Configured is displayed.

    2. Verify the port configuration by clicking More > Edit Configuration and modify the configuration or the port profile assigned to the port, as needed.
  • The port profile is only assigned and not deployed on the port.

    If the port profile is only assigned, the Deployment Status of the port is set to Pending Deployment. Select the port and click More > Deploy to deploy the profile.