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Device Activation is Failing When Using ZTP



Description: Zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) is failing on the switch.


For an EX Series switch, ZTP is only supported on Junos OS Releases 18.4R2.7 and 18.4R3.3. Check the version of Junos OS installed on the device by using the show version command for a physical switch and show version all-members command for a virtual chassis.

If the Junos OS version is earlier than Junos OS Release 18.4R2.7 and 18.4R3.3, upgrade the image on the device and attempt device activation again.

ZTP is not supported on EX4300MP, EX4600, and EX4650 switches.

To troubleshoot device activation failure during ZTP, check the ZTP logs for error messages on the Monitor > Jobs page on the CSO GUI. ZTP might fail because of any of the following reasons:

  • Device unable to reach TCP port 7804 on CSO.

    Verify reachability to port 7804 on CSO from the outbound-ssh IP address present in the Stage-1 configuration. You can obtain the Stage-1 configuration of the switch from the Devices tab of the Sites page (Resources > Site Management) of the CSO GUI.

    You can view the outbound-ssh IP address from the statement similar to the following sample in the stage-1 configuration:

  • The device might have failed to initiate connection to CSO.

    Execute the following command by logging in to the CLI to verify whether the device can initiate connection to CSO and whether the connection to CSO is established.

    You can also verify the connection status by logging into the shell of the device.

  • Conflicting configuration might be causing commit errors.

    View the ZTP logs in one of the following ways and rectify the conflicting error:

    • On the Monitor > Jobs page.

    • You can also view the ZTP logs by executing the tail -f /var/log/phc.log or tail -f /var/log/messages command from the device shell.

    • You can also use the monitor start phc.log or monitor start messages commands to view the ZTP logs.