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Integrate CSO with Mist Portal


You can integrate CSO with Mist Portal to view Mist access points (APs) present in your branch and campus networks.

By using Mist Portal with CSO, you can:

  • View operational and analytics data of LAN and get an insight about the functioning of the LAN.

  • Set and enforce performance metrics such as throughput, capacity, roaming, and uptime in your wireless networks.


You can skip integration with Mist Portal if you do not want to have Mist access points in your network.

If the EX switch is behind a CPE or a firewall, create a LAN segment on the CPE or firewall and assign the switch port connected to the access point to the LAN Segment. Ensure that DHCP is enabled on the LAN segment. Refer Creating a LAN Segment for Discovering Mist Access Points to create the LAN Segment.

To integrate CSO with Mist Portal:

  1. Select Administration > WiFi Settings in Customer Portal.

    The WiFi Settings page appears.

  2. Click the Enable/Disable toggle button to integrate CSO with Mist Portal.

    The Username and Password fields appear.

  3. In the Username field, enter the e-mail address for your Mist account.
  4. In the Password field, enter the password for your Mist account.


After you enable integration of CSO with Mist Portal, you can discover access points connected to the switches managed by CSO. See Discover Mist Access Points for details.