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Preview and Render Configuration Templates


In Customer Portal, users with the Tenant Administrator role can use the Preview workflow to validate a configuration template by entering values for the configuration template and then rendering the template to view the configuration.

Although this is not mandatory, we recommend that you use this workflow to validate a configuration template before attaching it to a device template or deploying it on a device.


In CSO releases before Release 5.1.0, configuration templates are called stage-2 configuration templates.

To preview and render a configuration template:

  1. Select Resources > Templates > Configuration Templates.

    The Configuration Templates page appears.

  2. Select the configuration template that you want to check and click Render Configuration.

    The Preview Configuration page appears displaying the parameters configured for the template.

  3. Specify values for the parameters as needed.Note

    Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

  4. After you have entered the necessary parameters, click Render.

    The Rendered Config page appears displaying the configuration rendered based on the configuration template and the values that you specified.

  5. Check if the configuration was rendered correctly.

    If the configuration was not rendered correctly, you can modify the configuration template as needed. See Edit, Clone, and Delete Configuration Templates.

  6. Click OK.

    You are returned to the Preview Configuration Template page.

  7. Click Cancel to exit the Preview Configuration Template page.

    You are returned to the Configuration Templates page. You can assign the configuration template to one or more device templates.