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Resolved Issues


The following issues are resolved in Juniper Networks CSO Release 5.2.0:

  • If you create or delete a DVPN tunnel, you cannot reach the LAN interface on the SRX Series device.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-35379

  • The bootstrap job for a device remains in the In Progress state for a considerable time. This is because CSO fails to receive the bootstrap completion notification from the device.

    Workaround: If the bootstrap job is in the In Progress state for more than 10 minutes, add the following configuration to the device:

    set system phone-home server

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-35450

  • After the etcd pod is restrated, the pod does not return to the running state. Instead the pod is in the crashloopbackoff state.

    Workaround: Contact JTAC for getting the etcd pod to the running state.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-38345

  • Alarms are not getting generated if the date and time are not in sync with the NTP server. Workaround: CSO and devices must be NTP-enabled. Make sure that the CSO time and the device time are in sync.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-40815

  • If you have installed CSO Release 5.1 on a single node and if there is a power failure, the UI is not accessible even if power resumes.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-41460

  • In an on-premises installation, when deploying a port profile fails on an EX4650 switch, CSO displays the management status of the site with the EX4650 switch as provisioned even though the ZTP job fails on the switch.

    Workaround: Ensure that no port profile is deployed on an EX4650 switch during ZTP.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-42181

  • When you back up an SD-WAN report generated in CSO Release 4.1.1 and restore it in CSO Release 5.1.1, an error appears when you try to download the report, and the report is not downloaded.

    Workaround: There is no known workaround.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-42395

  • When you perform ZTP on more than one enterprise hub at the same time, ZTP for one or the other enterprise hub may fail.

    Workaround: Perform ZTP on enterprise hubs one after the other; that is, after the ZTP of the first enterprise hub completes successfully. You can also retry executing the failed ZTP job.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-42985

  • When onboarding a next-generation firewall and switch, the CSO GUI may temporarily show that provisioning the firewall has failed when a license is not present, although the ZTP task completes and the site is provisioned.

    Workaround: Refresh the page to view the final status of onboarding the next-generation firewall.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-43024

  • When you configure a CPE behind NAT, DVPN tunnels stay between an Internet link that is behind NAT and an Internet link that is not behind NAT due to a wrong external interface in the IPsec configuration.

    Workaround: There is no known workaround.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-43217