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Updating the Terms of Use

Before You Begin

When you create a CSO account for a tenant, an e-mail (with the subject line CSO Account Created) is sent. This e-mail contains a URL that allows the tenant to log in to Customer Portal. The URL is active for only 24 hours and is valid only for the first log in.

When the tenant logs in to Customer Portal for the first time, the tenant must read and agree to the terms of use document.

The terms of use document is a policy document (pdf format) that is hosted on Juniper Networks site.

In this page you can specify the URL from which an OpCo admin or a tenant can view or download the Terms of Use document. If there is an update to the Terms of Use document, you can specify the date from which you want the terms of use document to be effective.


To update the information related to the Terms of Use document:

  1. Select Administration > Terms of Use.

    The Terms of Use page appears.

  2. Update the fields according to the guidelines in Table 154.

    Note Fields marked with * are mandatory.

  3. Click Save to save the changes.

    A confirmation message appears indicating that the URL and the effective date that you have specified are saved.

Table 154: Fields on the Terms of Use Page



Document URL

Specify the URL from which the tenant can view or download the Terms of Use document. For example,

Effective date

If there is an update to the Terms of Use document, you can schedule a date to notify tenants about the change.

Select the date from which the Terms of Use document is effective. The format is, YYYY-MM-DD.

On the specified date, the Terms of Use page pops up in Customer Portal. The Terms of Use page includes the link to the updated document. By selecting the check box in the Terms of Use page the tenant agrees to the terms and conditions mentioned in the updated document.

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