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Viewing Job Details


You can use the Detail for Job-Name page to view all the parameters of a job. This page has the following two tabs:

  • Details—Displays the overall progress of the job and lists general information about the job (for example, the Job ID, Request ID, Created By, and so on). For more information about the field description on this page, see About the Jobs Page.

  • Tasks—Displays the number of tasks associated with the job. A green check mark (success ) or a red cross mark (failed) is displayed next to each task indicating the status of the task. You can click the Detailed View icon to view the summary of the task.

To view details of a job:

The Detail for Job-Name page appears, showing the details of the job and the number of tasks associated with the job. Click View Logs to view the status of the jobs. See About the Jobs Page for a description of each fields on this page.

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