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Add LAN Capabilities to an Existing Site by Using a Switch


You can add a switch to an existing SD-WAN site, next-generation firewall site, or an enterprise hub site.

Before you add a switch to an existing site, ensure that you connect the switch to the network as shown in the topology diagrams provided in the following topics. After you connect the switch to the network as required, power on the device.

To add a switch to an existing site, follow these steps:

  1. From the Sites page (Resources > Site Management) of the CSO portal, select the site to which you want to add the switch, click Add, and select Add Switch.

    The Add Switch page appears.

  2. Complete the following configuration:
    • Device Name - specify a unique name for the device.

    • Device Type - select the type of device from the Device Type drop-down list.

    • Device Model - select a device model for the switch.

    • Trunk Ports - specify the CPE trunk ports.

    • Switch Management Subnet - specify the subnet that the DHCP can use to assign IP addresses to the switch and the access devices connected to the switch.

    • Serial Number - specify the serial number of the switch.


    Based on the device template you selected, the Auto Activate Switch toggle button is enabled or disabled by default. You can click to enable or disable this option. When Auto Activate Switch is enabled, zero-touch provisioning of the switch is automatically triggered when the site is created.

    If you choose to disable the Auto Activate Switch option, you must specify the activation code of the device to manually activate a device.

  3. Click Save.

    The site activation job is initiated and the Site Activation: Site-Name page appears displaying the progress of the steps executed for activating the devices in the site.

    • If the Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) toggle button is enabled (default), CSO pushes the stage-1 and stage-2 configurations and provisions the switch.

      This process occurs immediately after the activation process, for which you entered the activation code or selected auto-activation.


      Stage-1 configuration is the initial configuration that allows basic connectivity to a device, which is pushed to the device.

      The configuration that is pushed to the device after it has connected to CSO is called stage-2 configuration.

    • If you disabled the Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) toggle button, you must manually configure the stage-1 configuration (as provided by CSO) on the switch.

      To manually configure the stage-1 configuration:

      1. On the Site Activation: Site-Name page, the Click to copy stage-1 configuration link appears after the Prestage Device step completes successfully.
      2. Click the Click to copy stage-1 configuration link.

        The stage-1 configuration page appears displaying the stage-1 configuration to be copied to the EX Series device.

      3. Copy the stage-1 configuration and log in to the console of the EX Series switch.
      4. Enter the configuration mode, paste, and commit the configuration.

        After the stage-1 configuration is committed, the switch has the outbound SSH configuration to connect with CSO.

        CSO then provisions the switch.