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Dissociating an Access Profile


To dissociate an access profile from a switch:

  1. Select Resources > Devices and click the switch on which you want to deploy the access profile.

    The Devices page appears.

  2. Click the Device Settings tab.

    The access profiles configured are listed in a tabular format and the access profile that is deployed on the switch is selected.

  3. Do one of the following:
    • Select another profile, if you want to deploy another profile on the switch.

    • Click on the selected profile to clear the selection, if you don’t want to deploy any access profile on the switch.

  4. In the Type field:
    • Click Run now to either deploy another access profile or dissociate the access profile immediately.

    • Click Schedule at a later time to schedule a time for the deployment.

      If you select the Schedule at a later time option, enter the date and time when you want to deploy, in the Date and Time fields that appear when you select the option.

  5. Click Deploy.

    If you select the Run now option, a job is created for the deployment immediately; otherwise, the deployment job is created on the date and at the time that you schedule.

    After the access profile is deployed successfully, a message indicating that the switch is deployed successfully appears on top of the page. A link, View Logs, to view the job logs is also displayed.

  6. (Optional) Click the View Logs link to view the details of the job to deploy the access profile.

    The Deploy Access Profile Details page appears. You can view the date and time the access profile was deployed and the status of the deployment job on this page.