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Removing a Previous Deployment


You should remove a previous deployment and perform a new installation.


The upgrade procedure for CSO Release 4.1.x to 5.1.0 is not supported.

If you do not have previous deployment, proceed with Provisioning VMs on Contrail Service Orchestration Servers

To remove a previous installation:

  1. Remove VMs on the physical server.
    1. Log in to the CSO server as root.
    2. View the list of VMs.

      For example:

      root@host:~/# virsh list --all


    3. Remove each VM and its contents.

      For example:

      root@host:~/# virsh destroy <vm-name>
      root@host:~/# virsh undefine <vm-name>

      Where, <vm-name> is the name of VM you want to delete.

    4. Delete the Ubuntu source directories and VM.

      For example:

      root@host:~/# rm -rf /root/disks
      root@host:~/# rm -rf /root/disks_can
      root@host:~/# cd /root/ubuntu_vm
      root@host:~/# rm -rf <vm-name>
  2. Delete the old Salt minion keys.

    For example:

    root@host:~/# salt-key -D
  3. Clear Ubuntu cache.
    root@host:~/# clear ubuntu cache $ sync && echo 1 | sudo tee /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches