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Troubleshooting the CSO GUI Installer-Related Errors


Use the following to troubleshoot software issues with the CSO GUI Installer.

Downloader Component

If you encounter any errors with the downloader component, forward the installer log file to Juniper Networks Technical Support. You can access the application (installation) logs from within the CSO Downloader GUI. To access the logs, click the View Logs icon at the top-right corner of the GUI.

The installer log file is located at:


For example, C:\Users\bob\.juniper\application.log.

Installer Component

The installer component screens validate user entries. For example, IP addresses are pinged to verify they are valid and reachable. However, errors can occur after you click Install. When this happens, you are presented the following two options:

  • Retry—This option retries the operation that failed.

  • View Logs—This option lets you download the installer component logs, which you can then send to Juniper Networks Technical Support for assistance.