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Resolved Issues


The following issues are resolved in Juniper Networks CSO Release 5.1.0:

  • If you create an audit log purge with a recurring schedule and select the Run Now option, the recurrence fails to get scheduled.

    Workaround: When you schedule an audit log purge with a recurring schedule, use the Schedule at a later time option instead of the Run Now option.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-32608

  • Site-to-Site DVPN tunnels fail to establish if the WAN interface of the CPE is behind a NAT device.

  • The job log message No update of SD-WAN policy configuration on device with ID deviceID due to missing required information does not indicate an error even though it appears in red. The message only indicates that there is no SD-WAN policy applicable for the site.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-35169

  • For OpCo accounts created in CSO Release 5.0.0, OpCo administrators need to import OAM Hubs from the Site Management page before they could create Provider Hub sites.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-37357

  • When frequent link switches happen, the application throughput data displayed on Monitor> Application SLA Performance page and Resources > Site management > Site details > WAN page might vary.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-33050

  • The Sites Meeting SLA Without Switching section in an SD-WAN performance report lists the sites that are in the Provision-Failed state.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-38894

  • You cannot view the WAN links on Monitor > Geographic Map and Site Management > Site Site-Name > WAN pages.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-38882

  • The bootstrap job for sites that use SRX Series devices remains in the in-progress state. This problem occurs if only MPLS links are enabled with use for OAM.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-36661

  • While you activate an EX Series switch, the Activate Device page displays the status of the stage-1 configuration as failed.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-38642

  • The View link does not appear on the Sites page if you activate an EX Series switch using the activation code.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-38421

  • While adding a spoke site if you add and associate one or more departments with one or more LAN segments, sometimes the department's VRF tables might not be created at the enterprise hub. This causes the enterprise hub's 0/0 (default) route to be missing in the spoke site department's VRF tables.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-37770

  • When you delete a site and recover the recovery.conf file on SRX3XX devices, the Phone-Home Client (PHC) does not automatically restart.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-35385

  • During ZTP, the bootstrap job times out if the device takes a long time to connect to CSO.

    Bug Tracking Number: CXU-34298