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Creating Requests for Configuration Templates

You can create a configuration template by first making a request for it. A request allows you to define the requirements for the configuration template, including the template format, vendor, and the supported device family.


To create a request for a configuration template:

  1. Click Home > Requests > New Template.

  2. Complete the configuration according to the guidelines provided in Table 5.
  3. Click Create.

    A new template request is created.

Table 5: Fields on the New Template Page




Specify a name for your configuration template. Only a string of alphanumeric characters, dashes, and spaces are accepted.

Example: ucpe-SRX DPI config


Enter a description for your configuration template. Make this description as clear and useful as possible for all administrators.

Example: NFX JCP configuration to restore default route from LAN to WAN. This configuration is pushed to JCP after the service chain is deleted.

Output config format

Select a format for your configuration template:

  • CLI (Command-line interface)

  • XML (Extensible Markup Language)

  • Native—Default file format of the application that we use to create and save files. We use CLI plug-in and it is used for cms_plug-in.


Specify the category for the configuration template. Categories allow you to group your templates and filter and search them easily.

  • VNF—Select this option when you create a configuration template for the virtualized network function.

  • Device Template—Select this option when you create a device template for a network device, such as a customer premises equipment (CPE) device.

  • Other—Select this option when you create a configuration template for a network function other than VNF or device template.


Specify the vendor that you want the configuration template to support.

Example: Juniper Networks

Device family

Specify the device family that you want the configuration template to support.

Example: juniper-srx

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