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About the Port Profiles Page

To access this page, select Configuration > SD-LAN > Port Profiles in Customer Portal.

Use this page to view, edit, clone, and delete port profiles. A port profile authenticates supplicants (users and devices such as a printer) trying to access network resources and configure parameters such as flow control, link mode, storm control, MAC limit, and so on, on the switch ports. If you include firewall filters for egress and ingress traffic in the port profile, you can permit or deny access to network resources granularly based on source and destination IP addresses, MAC addresses, ports, and protocols in the packets.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

Field Descriptions

Table 226 describes the fields on the Port Profiles page.

Table 226: Fields on the Port Profiles Page



Profile Name

Name of the port profile.


Description of the port profile.

Port Mode

Operating mode defined in the profile for a port—Trunk, Access.

Port Authentication Profile

Authentication profile assigned on the port.

Firewall Filter (Ingress)

Firewall filter assigned for the ingress traffic.

Firewall Filter (Egress)

Firewall filter assigned for the egress traffic.

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