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Addresses and Address Groups Overview

An address specifies an IP address or a hostname. You can create addresses that can be used across all policies. Addresses are used in firewall and NAT services and apply to the corresponding policies. If you know only the hostname, you enter it into the Hostname field and use the address resolution option to resolve it to an IP address. You can also resolve an IP address to the corresponding hostname.

After you create an address, you can combine it with other addresses to form an address group. Address groups are useful when you want to apply the same policy to multiple addresses.

Contrail Service Orchestration (CSO) manages its address book at the global level, assigning objects to devices that are required to create policies. An address book is a collection of addresses and address groups that are available in a security zone. If the device is capable of using a global address book, CSO pushes address objects used in the policies to the global address book of the device.

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