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Troubleshooting Login Issues


Administration Portal IP Address Is Not Reachable


Description: The CSO Administration Portal IP address is not reachable.


  1. Check the CSO Administration Portal IP address reachability from your local machine, where you access the user interface (UI).
    [user-host:~]user% ping
  2. Check the status of the CSO central microservices virtual machine.

    Log in to the server that is hosting the central microservices virtual machine. The URL is https://central-ms-vm-IP-Address. Log in as root at the shell prompt, and run the virsh list --all command.

    root@host:~# virsh list --all

    Check the status of all the virtual machines.

  3. Log in to central microservices virtual machine using SSHv2. This is a prerequisite before starting the installation.
    • If you can log in using SSHv2 , then the /etc/network/interfaces is correct.

    • If you cannot log in to the CSO server hosting central microservices virtual machine, then execute the following commands:

      # virsh console centralmsvm

      # check file /etc/network/interfaces

      Check the gateway and try to ping the gateway from the virtual machine. If the gateway is correct and if you can ping the gateway, then the issue must be due to the lab switch.

  4. Check the routes and firewall policies with the help of Network Administrator.
  5. For further troubleshooting, collect the logs and output results and contact Juniper Networks Technical Support team.

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