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Creating a Functional Service Chain


Network Service Designer automatically connects the network functions in the order that you place them in the design area. You can insert a function between two functions already on the design pane. If you make an error, you can use the delete icon or you can right-click a component in the design area and delete the component.


The WAN links that are supported are WAN0, WAN1, and WAN2.

To create a functional service chain:

  • For a centralized deployment model, drag and drop the network functions in the required order from the Function Palette to the Functional Service Design area.

  • For a distributed deployment model, drag the network function from the Function Palette and drop it to the Functional Service Design area in the following order:

    • Between the ingress point and AppRouting function

    • Between the AppRouting function and WAN links

    • Between WAN Links and the egress point