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Apply NAT Rules


After installing CSO, you must apply NAT rules.

To review the details of the ports, see Ports to Open on CSO VMs.

  1. Run ./ script to find the IP addresses of each component.
    root@startupserver_1:~/Contrail_Service_Orchestration_5.1.2# ./
  2. Configure next hop at the gateway for VRR public IP addresses (for example—10.x.x.3 and 10.x.x.4) to point to the SRX IP address (for example—10.x.x.2).
    • Apply the following NAT configuration for any public-facing device:

      NAT configuration

    • The following configuration is applicable only if you have as SRX Series device as your firewall. Apply similar rules if you have a third-party firewall.

      Sample SRX config