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Adding On-Premise Spoke Sites by Using a Site Template


Using a site template, you can add on-premise spoke sites in bulk either manually or by importing the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) file that contains on-premise site attributes.

To add on-premise spoke sites by using a site template:

  1. Select Resources > Site Management.

    The Sites page appears.

  2. Click Add and select Add On-Premise Spoke Site (Using Site Template).

    The Add Spoke Site page appears listing the existing site templates.

  3. Select the site template and click Continue.

    The Add Spoke Site page appears.

  4. The Site Template field displays the name of the site template that you have selected. If you want to change the site template, click the Change link and select another site template of your preference from the Add Spoke Site page.
  5. Do one of the following to add on-premise spoke sites:
    • To add on-premise spoke sites in bulk by importing the JSON file:

      1. Select Import from file in the Site Data field.

      2. (Optional) Click Download sample JSON file to download a sample JSON template and use it to specify site data that you can later import.

      3. Click Browse to upload the JSON file.

      4. Navigate to the folder and select the JSON file.

      5. Click Open.

    • To manually add on-premise spoke sites in bulk, select Add Manually in the Site Data field.

    The Site 0 tab appears listing the fields based on the capabilities that were selected for the site template. For example, if the site template that you selected has only LAN capability, only general information fields and fields related to LAN capability are displayed.

  6. Complete the configuration for Site0.

    For more information on the fields for adding an on-premise spoke site with the following capabilities:

  7. Click the plus icon (+) to add more sites and complete the configuration for each site.
  8. Review the sites.

    If there are validation errors, an error icon appears in the left pane (next to the site name ). You must ensure that all errors are resolved before proceeding.

  9. (Optional) You can remove a site by clicking the X icon when you hover over the site name in the left pane.
  10. Click Save.

    A confirmation message is displayed indicating that the job is created for adding sites in bulk.