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Network Service Designer Overview


Configuration Designer, Resource Designer, and Network Services Designer (collectively known as Designer Tools) are a suite of GUI-based tools that enable network designers to support virtualized network functions (VNFs) and network services in Contrail Service Orchestration (CSO). Network Service Designer uses the VNF packages (created and published by Resource Designer) to design customized network services and then publish the services to the network services catalog. Users in CSO can then use the network services and service chains that are part of the network services catalog.


A network service can be a single VNF providing a single service (for example, firewall or NAT), a single VNF providing two or more services (for example, firewall and UTM) or a chain of VNFs providing two or more services (for example, VNF1 provides NAT service, VNF2 provides firewall service, and so on)

With Network Service Designer you can:

  • Create requests for new network services.

  • Design customized network services for your customers.

  • Design new standard network services that you can offer to all your customers.

  • Update existing network services.

  • Publish services to the network service catalog.

  • Manage network services that you are designing or have published to the network catalog.

  • Configure some basic parameters for the VNFs used in a network service and the virtual containers in which the VNFs reside.

After the service is published, SP Administrators can assign the service to tenants by using the CSO Administration Portal.