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Customizing E-mail Templates

Before You Begin

Contrail Service Orchestration (CSO) provides default e-mail templates that are used to send e-mails for the following operations:

Use this page to customize an e-mail template as per your requirements.


To customize an e-mail template:

  1. Select Administration > Email Templates.

    The Email Templates page appears.

  2. Select an e-mail template and click the edit icon (pencil symbol) to modify the content of the template.

    The Edit Template page appears.

  3. Modify the e-mail template for the following:
    • Add new context keywords.

      To insert a context keyword into e-mail template, place double curly braces around the keyword.


      {{ user_name }}

      Note You must not change the existing context keywords— user_first_name, user_last_name, user, and email.

    • Edit the title of the e-mail.

      The title field will be used in the subject of the e-mail

    • Address the user by their first name or last name in the e-mail.


      • Hi {{ user_first_name }},
      • Hi {{ user_last_name }},
    • Edit the body of the e-mail.

  4. After you modify the template:
    • Click Save to save the changes.

      The modified template is used to send e-mail to the user. A message indicating the status of the operation is displayed.

    • Click Cancel to discard the changes.

      The changes to the e-mail templates are discarded and you are returned to the E-mail Templates page.

    • Click Restore Default Content to restore the e-mail template to default template.

      The e-mail template is restored to the default version that is generated by CSO.

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