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About the Documentation
Documentation and Release Notes
Documentation Conventions
Documentation Feedback
Requesting Technical Support
About the Administration Portal User Guide
Administration Portal Overview
Accessing Administration Portal
Switching the Tenant Scope
Changing the Administration Portal Password
Resetting Your Password
Changing the Password on First Login
Resetting the Password for OpCo and Tenant Users
Setting Password Duration
Extending the User Login Session
Personalize the Administration Portal and Customer Portal
Setting Up the Cloud CPE Distributed Deployment Model with Administration Portal
Using the Dashboard
About the Administration Portal Dashboard
Monitoring Alerts, Alarms, and Device Events
About the Monitor Overview Page
Alerts Overview
About the Generated Alerts Page
About the Alert Definitions/Notifications Page
Creating SD-WAN Alert Definitions
Editing and Deleting SD-WAN Alert Definitions
About the Alarms Page
About the Device Events Page
Monitoring Tenants SLA Performance
Multidepartment CPE Device Support
About the SLA Performance of All Tenants Page
About the SLA Performance of a Single Tenant Page
Monitoring Application-Level SLA Performance for real time-optimized SD-WAN
Viewing the SLA Performance of a Site
Viewing the SLA Performance of an Application or Application Group
Understanding SLA Performance Score for Applications, Links, Sites, and Tenants
Monitoring Jobs
About the Jobs Page
Viewing Job Details
Editing and Deleting Scheduled Jobs
Retrying a Failed Job on Devices
Viewing POPs
About the POPs Page
Creating a Single POP
Importing Data for Multiple POPs
Viewing the History of POP Data Imports
Viewing the History of POP Data Deletions
Managing a Single POP
About the Routers Page
Creating Devices
Configuring Devices
View the History of Device Data Deletions
Managing Devices
About the Tenant Devices Page
About the Provider Hub Devices Page
Manually Importing Provider Hub Sites
Managing a Tenant Device
Manage an EX Series Switch
Device Redundancy Support Overview
Viewing the History of Tenant Device Activation Logs
Viewing the History of Cloud Hub Device Activation Logs
Secure OAM Network Overview
Secure OAM Network Redundancy Overview
Add a Provider Hub Device
Upgrading a Provider Hub Device
Rebooting Tenant Devices and Provider Hub Devices
Identifying Connectivity Issues by Using Ping
Identifying Connectivity Issues by Using Traceroute
Remotely Accessing a Device CLI
Managing Device Templates
Device Template Overview
Multi-Service Shared Bearer Overview
About the Device Template Page
Cloning a Device Template
Importing a Device Template
Configuring Template Settings in a Device Template
Updating Stage-2 Configuration Template in a Device Template
Configuring Stage-2 Initial Configuration in a Device Template
Modifying a Device Template Description
Deleting a Device Template
APN Overview
Configuring APN Settings on CPE Devices
Managing Configuration Templates
About the Configuration Templates Page
Edit, Clone, and Delete Configuration Templates
Deploy Configuration Templates to Devices
Preview and Render Configuration Templates
Import Configuration Templates
Assign Configuration Templates to Device Templates
Add Configuration Templates
View the Configuration Deployed on Devices
Managing Software Images
Device Images Overview
About the Device Images Page
Staging an Image
Deploying Device Images to Devices
Uploading a Device Image
Deleting Device Images
Configuring Network Services
Network Services Overview
About the Network Services Page
About the Service Overview Page
About the Service Instances Page
Allocating a Service to Tenants
Removing a Service from Tenants
Configuring Application SLA Profiles
Application Quality of Experience (AppQoE) Overview
About the Application Traffic Type Profiles Page
Creating Traffic Type Profiles
Editing and Deleting Traffic Type Profiles
Cost-Based Link Switching
About the SLA-Based Steering Profiles Page
Adding SLA-Based Steering Profiles
Editing and Deleting SLA-Based Steering Profiles
About the Path-Based Steering Profiles Page
Adding Path-Based Steering Profiles
Editing and Deleting Path-Based Steering Profiles
Configuring Application Signatures
Application Signatures Overview
About the Application Signatures Page
Understanding Custom Application Signatures
Adding Application Signatures
Editing, Cloning, and Deleting Application Signatures
Adding Application Signature Groups
Editing, Cloning, and Deleting Application Signature Groups
Managing Tenants
Tenant Overview
Full Mesh Topology Overview
About the Tenants Page
Adding a Single Tenant
Edit Tenant Parameters
Importing Data for Multiple Tenants
Allocating Network Services to a Tenant
Viewing the History of Imported Tenant Data
Viewing the History of Deleted Tenant Data
Managing Operating Companies
Operating Companies Overview
About the Operating Companies Page
Creating Operating Companies
Editing and Deleting Operating Companies
Configuring OpCo Users
Role-Based Access Control Overview
About the Users Page in Administration Portal
Add Service Provider and OpCo Users
Edit and Delete Service Provider Users and OpCo Users
Resetting the Password for Service Provider, OpCo, and Tenant Users
Managing Audit Logs
Audit Logs Overview
About the Audit Logs Page
Viewing the Details of an Audit Log
Exporting Audit Logs
Purging Audit Logs (After Archiving or Without Archiving)
Managing Roles
Roles Overview
About the Roles Page
Add User-Defined Roles for Service Provider, OpCo, and Tenant Users
Edit, Clone, and Delete User-Defined Roles for Service Provider, OpCo, and Tenant Users
Access Privileges for Role Scopes (Operating Company and Tenant)
Managing Dynamic Mesh Tunnels
Dynamic Mesh Tunnels Overview
Configuring Dynamic Mesh Tunnels Threshold for Tenants
Configuring Authentication
Authentication Methods Overview
About the Authentication Page
Editing the Authentication Method
Configuring a Single Sign-On Server
Edit and Delete SSO Servers
Configuring SMTP Settings
Configuring Licenses
About the Device License Files Page
Uploading a Device License File
Editing and Deleting Device Licenses
Pushing a License to Devices
About the CSO Licenses Page
Add a CSO License
Edit and Delete CSO Licenses
Assign CSO Licenses, and Update or Unassign CSO License Assignments
Updating the Terms of Use
Managing Signature Database
Signature Database Overview
About the Signature Database Page
Downloading a Signature Database
Download Locations for Signature Database
Managing E-mail Templates
Customizing E-mail Templates
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