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Access Designer Tools

Users with the SP (Service Provider) Administrator role can access Designer Tools (Configuration Designer, Resource Designer, and Network Services Designer) by using a web browser.

Note We recommend that you use Google Chrome Version 60 or later to access Designer Tools.


To access Designer Tools:

  1. Open a browser window or tab and access the URL https://central-IP-address:83 .

    Where, central-IP-address is the IP address of the virtual machine (VM) that hosts the microservices for the central point of presence (POP). which is the same URL that you use to access Administration Portal. For example, .

    The Network Service Designer login page appears.

  2. Enter the username and password in their respective fields.

    Note The username and password combination is the same one that you use to access Administration Portal.

  3. Click LOG IN

    The CSO Network Service Designer Home page appears.

  4. (Optional) To access Configuration Designer or Resource Designer:


    1. Click the Menu icon in the top-left corner of the page.

      The Designer Tools menu appears.

    2. Do one of the following:
      • Click Configuration Designer to access Configuration Designer.

        The CSO Configuration Designer Home page appears.

      • Click Resource Designer to access Resource Designer.

        The CSO Resource Designer Home page appears.

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