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Configuration Designer Overview

Configuration Designer, Resource Designer, and Network Services Designer (collectively known as Designer Tools) are a suite of GUI-based tools that enable network designers to support virtualized network functions (VNFs) and network services in Contrail Service Orchestration (CSO).

Configuration Designer provides an intuitive UI-based workflow for creating and managing configuration templates. The configuration templates that you create are rendered automatically in the UI. Resource Designer uses these templates to create VNF packages that are then published to Network Service Designer.

Network Service Designer uses the VNF packages to design customized network services that are published to the network services catalog. The network services catalog contains a list of usable network services.

Users with the Service Provider (SP) Administrator role access the network services catalog to assign a set of network services to their customers using Administration Portal. Finally, tenant users access the network services assigned to them using Customer Portal to manage their sites and services.

Note In Administration and Customer Portals, you can create (add) configuration templates only for Juniper devices. In Configuration Designer, you can create configuration templates for both Juniper and non-Juniper devices.

A configuration template has prepopulated values for configuration settings associated with a virtualized network function (VNF).The configuration in the templates can be of the following types:

In Configuration Designer, you can manually type a working configuration or copy and paste an existing golden configuration from your device. You can also use your own data model to configure your template. Once created, the templates are listed on a Design page, where you can review them at a glance. You can also modify the parameters and values of your templates as needed from the Design page.

The configuration templates can be used by:

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