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About the CSO Licenses Page

To access this page, click Administration > Licenses > CSO Licenses in Customer Portal.

You can use the CSO Licenses page to view information about the existing CSO licenses assigned to a tenant.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

Field Descriptions

Table 327 describes the fields on the CSO Licenses page.

Table 327: Fields on the CSO Licenses page



License SKU

Displays the CSO license SKU name; for example, S-CSO-C-S1-A-3.

Sales Order

Sales order number; for example, 15563238.


Displays whether the license is for an on-premise installation or for a cloud-hosted CSO installation.


Support tier associated with the license; for example, Standard.

Device Class

Class of the Juniper device associated with the license; for example, B-class.


Software support reference number (SSRN), which is necessary to identify your purchase order when you contact Juniper Networks for support

Start Date

Date (in MMM DD , YYYY format) from which the license is valid; for example, Aug 29, 2019.

End Date

Date (in MMM DD , YYYY format) up to which the license is valid. CSO calculates the end date based on the validity of the license SKU.

Device Quantity

Total number of on-premise devices that the tenant is authorized to use.


Available number of devices that the tenant can add for the license.


This field is not applicable to Customer Portal.

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