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Overview of the License Page


SRX and vSRX Series devices can be used in both the distributed cloud CPE and SD-WAN solutions as CPE devices or as cloud or site hubs. These devices require licensing in order to perform the functions needed for those solutions. Contrail Solutions Orchestration (CSO) provides a GUI-based method for loading licenses into CSO and installing them on the devices. The licensing page is available in the Administration Portal or the Customer Portal by navigating to Administration > Licenses. Licenses must first be purchased through your Juniper Networks account team or reseller. Once purchased, the text of the license is emailed to you.

The license page can be used to push licenses to the following devices.

  • vSRX VNFs in a centralized deployment

  • The following items in a distributed deployment:

    • vSRX gateway router on an NFX Series device

    • vSRX or SRX Series CPE devices

  • vSRX or SRX Series CPE devices in an SD-WAN deployment

To upload a license to CSO for later push to an SRX device:

  1. Login to CSO as an authorized user–License management is available to both tenant administrators and the global administrator. Operators can not upload licenses to CSO or push them to devices.
  2. Navigate to the Administration > Licenses page.

    Here you can see a list of license files that have been uploaded to CSO. The list is empty if there have been no licenses uploaded.

  3. Click the + at the top-right part of the list.

    This brings up a pop-up window in which you locate and describe the new license file.

  4. Click the Browse button to locate the license file that was emailed to you. Each file uploaded should be for one feature only. License files are generally named as the device serial number for which they are intended and have a .txt file extension.
  5. (Optional) Enter a description of the license file. If uploading multiple licenses for a single device, a description can help you know which is which in the license list.
  6. Click OK once you have filled in the required data. The license file will appear in the list along with the upload date, and your login under the Uploaded By column.

To install, or push, an uploaded license onto a device:

  1. Click on the line or in the check box next to the appropriate license file.
  2. Click the Push License pull-down menu and select Push. A pop-up window will appear.

    If you are logged in as a tenant administrator, you will see a list of sites and their assigned devices for your tenant.

    If you are logged in as the global administrator, you will see a pull-down list of tenants. Below that will be the sites and devices to which you can push the license files.

  3. Select the appropriate device, and click Push Licenses. Multiple licenses can be pushed to a single device.

See Contrail Service Orchestration User Guide for additional details about the CSO license page.