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Reviewing the Tenant Settings


In Customer Portal you can review or modify the tenant settings before you proceed to add a site.

To review the tenant settings:

  1. Select Administration > Tenant Settings.

    The Review Settings page appears.


    If you are logging in to Customer Portal for the first time, on the Welcome Screen page select Review Settings.

  2. Modify the tenant settings.

    Table 1 describes the tenant settings that you can modify.

    Table 1: Tenant Settings That Can be Modified

    Tenant Capability

    Tenant settings that can be modified

    Tenant with SD-WAN capability

    You can modify the following settings only before adding a site for a tenant:

    • SSL Settings

    • VPN authentication

    • Overlay Tunnel Encryption

    • Network Segmentation

    You can modify the following settings even after you add sites for a tenant:

    • Dynamic VPN Threshold

    • Tenant-Specific Attributes

    Note: The changed settings are applicable to only newly-added sites.

    For more information on these settings, see Adding a Single Tenant.

    Tenant with Hybrid WAN capability

    Tenant-Specific Attributes

    Tenant with Next Gen Firewall capability

    Tenant-Specific Attributes

    Tenant with LAN capability

    Tenant-Specific Attributes

  3. Click Save.

The changes that you made for the tenant are saved. A confirmation message is displayed indicating that the job is created and subsequently that the job was successful.

You can verify the changes that you made on the Tenant Settings page.

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