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Adding Regional Service Edge Sites for Hybrid WAN Deployment


You add a regional service edge site when you have to assign common services, such as NAT or UTM to multiple sites. The traffic from customer site is serviced and forwarded to common service and then to Internet. You add a regional service edge site from the Sites page.

To add a regional service edge site:

  1. Select Sites > Site Management.

    The Sites page appears.

  2. Click Add and select Regional Service Edge.

    The Add Regional Service Edge Site page appears.

  3. Complete the configuration settings according to the guidelines provided in Table 1.

    Table 1: Fields on the Add Regional Service Edge Site Page



    Site Information

    Site Name

    Enter a site name. You can use any number of alphanumeric characters, including special characters. The maximum length is 15 characters.


    Street Address

    Enter the street address of the site.


    Enter the city where the site is located.


    Enter the state or province where the site is located.

    ZIP/Postal Code

    Enter the postal code for the locality of the site.


    Select the country name from the drop-down list.

    Contact Information

    Contact Name

    Enter the name of a contact person for the site.


    Enter the e-mail address of the contact person.


    Enter the phone number of the contact person.


    Service POP

    Select the name of the point of presence (POP) for the site. A network point of presence is a location at which a service provider instantiates a network function, such as a virtualized network function (VNF).


    Select a virtualized infrastructure manager (VIM). The VIM controls and manages the compute, storage, and network resources in the NFV infrastructure. The VIM also collects and forwards performance measurements and events.

    Resource Pool

    Select a resource pool for the VIM. Resource pools identify the compute zones for the VIM for the POP.

    Route Target

    Enter a route target for the virtual network.

    Virtual Network Name

    Enter a unique string of alphanumeric characters and some special characters (. -). No spaces are allowed and the maximum length is 15 characters.

    A virtual network is a representation of your own network in the cloud.

    Left Subnet Prefix

    Select one or more IPv4 prefixes for the management network.

    Service Attachment Points

    Local Internet Breakout

    Click the toggle button to enable or disable local Internet breakout to the site.

    Internet Network Name

    Select the network to which the site transmits Internet traffic.

  4. Click OK.

    The newly added regional service edge site is displayed on the Sites page.