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Adding a CSO License


To add a CSO license to the tenant from the CSO License page:

  1. Select Administration > Licenses > CSO License.

    The CSO License page appears.

  2. Click the plus icon (+).

    The Add CSO License page appears.

  3. Complete the configuration according to the guidelines in Table 1.Note

    Fields marked with * are mandatory.

  4. Click Save to save the changes.

    The CSO license is added to the tenant that you have selected.

    Alternatively, you can also add CSO licence to a tenant from the Tenants page by selecting the Add CSO license from the More option.

Table 1: Fields on the Add CSO License page



Tenant Name

Select the name of the tenant that you want to add the CSO license.

License Name

Enter the license name.

SKU Name

Enter the SKU name.


Specify the quantity.


Sales Order

Specify the sales order number.

Start Date

Specify the start date from which the license is effective in MM/DD/YYYY format.

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