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Generating and Encrypting Passwords for Infrastructure Components


CSO uses an algorithm to automatically generate a dynamic password for the following infrastructure components:

  • Cassandra.

  • Keystone.

  • MariaDB.

  • RabbitMQ.

  • Icinga.

  • Prometheus.

  • ArangoDB.

  • Elasticsearch.

  • ZooKeeper.

The automatically generated passwords for each infrastructure component and the cspadmin password for Administration Portal are displayed on the console after you complete answering the Setup Assistance questions.

Your can access the Administration portal by opening a browser with central-msvm IP address. The initial user name is cspadmin and the initial password is the password shown after running the ./ script under Installing and Configuring Contrail Service Orchestration topic.


You must note the automatically generated password that is displayed on the console as they are not saved in the system.

To enhance the password security, the length and pattern for each password is different and the password is encrypted. The passwords in the log file are masked.

Run the following script to retrieve password for all infrastructure components:

CSO>./ deploy_manager/utils/

You can’t retrieve the cspadmin user password. It can only be reset from the CSO Installer webpage or CLI.

Follow the steps to reset the cspadmin user password from the CSO Installer webpage:

  1. Click Forget Password? on the login page of the CSO Installer webpage.
  2. Receive a verification code to the registered e-mail ID.
  3. Type the received verification code as the password on the CSO Installer webpage.
  4. Follow the steps to reset the password.