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About the Cloud Hub Devices Page

To access this page, select Resources > Cloud Hub Devices.

Use the Cloud Hub Devices page to view the list of cloud hub devices that are owned by the administrator in the OpCo network. You can add or delete a provider hub with DATA_ONLY capability. You can also view detailed information about each cloud hub device in the network.

CSO uses the cloud hub devices as SD-WAN hubs to setup tunnels and provision site-to-site or site-to-hub traffic. All other configurations such as Internet breakout, hub meshing, and so on must be configured manually on the device.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from the Cloud Hub Devices page:

Field Descriptions

Table 26: Fields on the Cloud Hub Devices Page



Device Name

Name of a cloud hub device.

Example: srx-cloud-hub


Name of the tenant.

Example: tenant-blue

Site Name

Name of the tenant site.

Example: site-blue-white


Name of the location.

Example: San Jose, CA

Status Message

Latest status message.

Example: IPsec provision success

WAN Links

Number of WAN links for a device.

Example: 2

POP Name

Name of the POP.

Example: pop_blue


Type of capability configured for the cloud hub device.

Example: OAM

Management Status

Management status of the cloud hub devices deployed in the cloud:

  • Expected—The regional server has activation details for the device, but the device has not yet established a connection with the server. Click Activate to activate the cloud hub device. If the activation process is successful, then the management status changes to Provisioned.

  • Active—Cloud hub device is yet to be configured.

  • Provisioned—Cloud hub device is ready to be used.

  • Provision Failed—Cloud hub device is not yet ready to be used.

Authentication Type

Authentication method used for the device—Preshared Key (PSK) or Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).


CSO version in which the cloud hub device was added.


Name of the device model.

Example: MX

OS Version

Junos OS Release version.

Example: 15.1X49-D40

Serial Number

Serial number of the device.

Example: DD0416AA0117

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