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Device Images Overview

An image management system provides full lifecycle management of images for all network devices, including CPE device and virtualized network function (VNF) images. A device image is a software installation package for the CPE device or an image for a virtual application that runs on the device. For example, for a NFX Series device platform, you require an NFX software image and a software image for the vSRX application that provides security functions and routing on the device. You install a VNF image on a CPE device.

Note In CSO Release 5.0.0, the software images are uploaded and managed by the Juniper Networks team that manages the cloud installation. If you need a device image or VNF that is not listed among the supported images, contact your Juniper Networks representative.

You can deploy device images or VNF images on a single device or simultaneously on multiple devices of the same family. CPE device images include software images for the NFX Series, MX Series, and SRX Series.

You can stage the image on a device, verify the checksum, and deploy the staged image using the Deploy option from the Images page. You can also schedule the staging, deployment, and validation of a device image.

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