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About the SD-WAN Report Definitions Page

To access this page, click Customer Portal > Reports > Report Definitions > SD-WAN.

Use this page to view and manage predefined and custom report definitions and generate reports based on the definitions. You can also preview a report in PDF and send reports to recipients. An SD-WAN report includes SLA performance of top applications by bandwidth, top sites not meeting SLA, top sites meeting SLA with switching, sites meeting SLA without switching, top sites by highest packet loss, top sites by highest latency, top sites by highest jitter, and current active tunnels. You can generate an SLA performance report for all sites in a tenant or for specific sites in a tenant.

You can perform various actions on reports such as run a report immediately, edit a schedule, edit e-mail recipients, preview a report in PDF, send reports, and clone reports, using this page.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

Field Descriptions

Table 251 provides guidelines on using the fields on the SD-WAN Report Definitions page.

Table 251: Fields on the SD-WAN Report Definitions Page




View the name of the SD-WAN report.


View the description of the SD-WAN report definition.


View the type of SD-WAN report. The report type can be SD-WAN tenant performance SD-WAN site performance.

Definition Type

View the type of SD-WAN report definition. The report definition type can be predefined or custom.


View the report generation schedule, whether the report is scheduled to generate immediately or scheduled it for a later date and time.


View the recipients of the generated reports.

Job ID

View the last generated job ID of the report.

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